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Reversing Gray Hair Will Be Possible Soon

Reversing gray hair and restoring natural hair color will be possible within two years!

Hair becomes gray when cells that produce pigment, called melanocytes, die or no longer work properly. The good news is that such cells survive long after people go gray.

Dr. Bruno Bernard and colleagues at the hair biology research team at beauty firm L’Oreal in Paris found that an enzyme called TRP-2 can re-awaken the melanocytes in hair follicles.

The researchers point out that as long as a small number of melanocytes are present, the whitening process could be reversed by reactivating these cells.

It means that if the TRP-2 enzyme can be incorporated in a shampoo, conditioner or cream, these dormant melanocytes will be re-awaken.

This will allow people to maintain their hair color for longer, or even reverse gray hair.

Article Source: The Daily Express


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