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How to Get Sedu Black Hairstyles at Home

Sedu black hairstyles make your hair look glossy, sleek and stunning. Not everyone is born with straight, flowing locks, but a Sedu hair straightener can work out the kinkiest of hair to make it smooth and shiny. The best part is that this kind of straightener will not break, snag or damage your hair. From the comforts of your very own home, you can turn wild hair into sleek black hairstyles. The following are just some of the many ways you can get Sedu black hairstyles at home.

Once you have your Sedu straightener, you can make your hair super straight using ceramic or enamel plates. For a sleek and straight look for both long and short hair, you want to start with clean dry hair. Next, add a thermal heat protectant to the hair so that you can ensure the health and shine of your locks. Pin your hair into many sections and then start at the bottom section. You should iron sections of hair that are no thicker than a quarter inch and should work as closely to the scalp as possible. The iron should be pulled through to the ends of your hair strands. Once each section is straight, unpin it.

A sleek, tight ponytail is perfect for folks who want a classic Sedu hairstyle. To do this, straighten the hair and then pull the hair into a low ponytail. Hold the look with a clip or with plastic band and then spray with hairspray to keep the hairstyle shining and in place.

Lastly, if you have a bob or pixie hairstyle, you should use your Sedu straightener to curl the ends of your hair. This way, you will have sleek hair with a soft touch to it. To do this, take the flat iron and wrap the end of your hair around it and hold for ten to twenty seconds. You will then have a bob with perfectly flipped ends or can complete a pixie by slightly curling the bits of hair near your face or the nape of your neck.

Author: Lisa Bower
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