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Tips for Hair Dying

People having the desire of trying out a new trendy and fashionable look or desiring to do away with their gray hair, dying is one of the most preferred options for achieving these desires.

If not used properly, dying hair can seriously affect your hair like cause it to become damaged or dried out. You should take care to opt for only such a dye color which blends with your hair's as well as eyebrow's original color. The dye color should also help in enhancing your features.

Getting your hair dyed from a professional stylist is the best path which can be followed but proper dying of hair at home will also yield the same creative results and it will be much cheaper too.

Hair dyes are available in many kinds such as:

Permanent Dyes:

Getting your hair dyed permanently is considered as a mistake in itself by some people. Permanent dyes last for huge amounts of time. These dyes are applied to the hair roots along with the growth of the hair. It contains peroxides and ammonia and hence the risk of your hair getting damaged or dried is present.

The color of these dyes fades away when the hairs are exposed to salt water or sun. Hence, a bandanna or a hat can be used for covering your hair when you would be going outside. This helps in maintaining the hair's color.

Long-Lasting Semi-Permanent Dyes:

These dyes last for the longest amount of time which can even exceed 20 washes. This fact is different for different brands.

Semi-Permanent Dyes:

These dyes usually last for very short amount of time. The color of these dyes starts fading away after the hair gets washed for about 6-12 times. These dyes are recommended for people experimenting with colors as well as for people using dyes for the first time.

Professional And Safe Way Of Dying Hair:

  • The hair is divided into two separate quadrants and each part is clipped.
  • Plastic gloves are used while the dye solution is mixed. The directions prescribed on the product box should be followed.
  • Apply thin color stripes over one entire quadrant and clip it.
  • Follow similar procedure for the other quadrant.
  • Leave the hair for some prescribed time.
  • Use cold water for rinsing the hair.

There is nothing wrong in experimenting with hair but frequent use of dyes may have rough consequences on the quality of hair. Hence, exercise proper care.

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