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Transitions - dht SENSOR Hair Care Products

dht SENSOR - Consumer Kit

Consumer Kit

(Includes a two month supply of all products, including:

  • 1 Concentrate Gel (2 oz.)
  • 1 Shampoo (8 oz.)
  • 1 Conditioner (8 oz.)
  • 1 Vitamin/Mineral Compound (60 tablets)

dht SENSOR Enzyme Complex SHAMPOO

Enzyme Complex SHAMPOO

Our latest, exclusive formulation with no sulfate surfactants or paraben preservatives.  These upgrades, along with the addition of new moisturizing and conditioning ingredients, makes it more mild on your hair and scalp, especially for dry or sensitive scalps, while giving more moisturizing, conditioning and volumizing activity to the hair and scalp.  Because of these upgrades you will notice less foaming action on the initial shampooing, but a rich, creamy lather during the second shampooing.  pH Balanced.


Enzyme Complex CONDITIONER

Again, an exclusive, light conditioner that rinses clean, leaving no greasy build-up on fine hair.  All it leaves is lightly conditioned, healthy hair and scalp.




A mild, water based Gel that, with years of research and testing by top cosmetic chemists, has been proven (through University testing) to carry more than 3000 micrograms of the Enzyme Complex molecules (using its exclusive micro-emulsion delivery system) down to the hair follicles.  Following the completion of Clinical trials, the Enzyme Complex seems to contribute significantly to protein synthesis while metabolizing both carbohydrates and fat.  It appears that the Enzyme Complex blocks the build-up of cholesterol and excessive concentrations of testosterone, suppressing its conversion into the hair-loss causing agent dihydrotestosterone.

dht SENSOR Vitamin - Mineral Compound

Vitamin / Mineral Compound

A proven combination of Vitamins and Minerals which have been proven to help inhibit the negative effects of 5 alpha reductase activity in the skin, a known cause of hair loss.  The formula also supplies proper nourishment to feed your hair and scalp from within.  In addition it has many positive advantages for supporting the health of the rest of your body as well.

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