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Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Hair Transplant

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a revolutionary advancement in the way that individual hair follicles are harvested for transplant.

The older method involved removing a strip of skin, complete with follicles, from the donor area at the back of the head. When this area was sewn back together it would leave a continuous scar across the back of the patient's scalp. FUE completely eliminates the scalpel and associated scar from hair transplant procedures.

Using advanced FUE methods, the surgeon is able to isolate and extract a single follicle from the donor area at either the back or side of the head and then transplant that follicle artistically in the patient's balding or thinning area.

A specially designed tool, only 1mm wide is used to extract the follicle with a pair of precision jeweler's forceps.

Some of the benefits of FUE as opposed to traditional methods include:

  • Less bleeding
  • No scars
  • Less recovery time
  • No scalpels, no sutures
Hair Transplant Before After

It is not a solution for rectifying wide bald areas like Norwood VI or even IV. It is a good option for rectifying or covering smaller areas.

This method involves extracting single follicular units from the back portion of the scalp (donor area) and transplanting them on to bald area (recipient area). These follicles are extracted from the permanent hair bearing zone.

We follow the latest method called power assisted Follicular unit Extraction. As we use very small sized punches the wound heals without any disfigurement.

What is the procedure like?
Let’s take the method of follicular unit extraction as an example, and go through the various steps a patient would experience during a session:

  1. When the patient arrives at the office he or she might be offered a drug to calm them down if they are feeling a little anxious
  2. Next the doctor reviews the procedure with the patient
  3. The patient sits in a reclined chair throughout the procedure, where they may watch television, chat with other people, or take a nap
  4. Blood pressure is taken
  5. A local anesthetic is used
  6. The doctor along with his technicians will dissect and insert the grafts with a small pair of tweezers
  7. After about six hours, the first session is complete and the patient is ready to go home
  8. Bandaging of the head is usually unnecessary

Follicular Unit Extraction method

The Follicular Unit Extraction method uses micro grafting to achieve unbelievable results. This procedure involves the extraction of individual hair follicles from an area on the scalp, and reinsertion of the hair follicles into the hairline. This type of hair grafting surgery is usually performed using just a local anesthetic.

  • No scarring
  • Faster healing time
  • Less discomfort
  • No stitching
  • No bandaging to keep hairs in place
  • Mimics your own hair pattern
  • More natural look
  • Larger amount of grafts can be transplanted at one time resulting in fewer sessions
FUE Method

Follicular unit extraction is superior in producing a natural, undetectable result.

If performed properly, hair transplant surgery is safe and effective.

The most advanced method used today is Follicular Unit Extraction. This is the preferred method because its results are the most natural looking.

Follicular Unit Extraction procedure requires no blades or scalpels. We use a special surgical instrument that is designed for the FUE procedure. This instrument allows the doctor to create a circular incision around the hair graft, enabling the extraction of one follicular unit at a time. With FUE, hair restoration is as natural as original hair in the area. The upsides to FUE procedure includes: very little bleeding, no visible scar formation and short recovery period for the patients. With follicular unit extraction, there is no visible scar, so patients have the freedom of shaving their heads without feeling uncomfortable. Patients can also benefit from a more comfortable healing period and daily activities can be resumed in less time. It usually takes about five to seven days for the wound to heal completely compared to two weeks for the traditional strip hair transplant.
  • Important for individuals who like to wear their hair short
  • Useful for individuals with high risk of scar formation in the donor area, especially Asians
  • Beneficial for repairing donor scars that cannot be excised
  • Minimal post-op discomfort
  • restrictions on vigorous exercise after the procedure
  • An ideal alternative to strip procedure when the scalp is too tight for strip excision
  • Provides the option of maximizing the donor area (but not necessarily the total number of grafts)
  • Allows the harvest of selected fine hair from the scalp to be used at the hairline area or eyebrows


  Strip Hair Transplant FUE Hair Transplant
Stitch Cutting open the skin and closing it with stitches So can have stitch related problems No stitches Minimally invasive
Scar Stitches leave permanent scar at the back of the head. You cannot keep your hair short because the scar will be visible Multiple pin head tiny marks which are not visible even if you keep you trim your hair to the size “0”
Stretching of scar Can prolong healing period and one has to avoid physical activity for weeks No such problem and one can start physical activity soon after transplant
Recovery 2 – 3 weeks usually need 1 month of rest for atheletes, body builders etc 3-4 days. Exercise, weight training, sports, can be resumed in 4-5 days
Donor complications Not uncommon e.g. wide scar, painful scar, delayed healing of stitches and give away of stitches Practically nil
Short hair style Scar becomes visible, so sporting long hair style is mandatory Can easily sport short hair style
Numbness above stitches Numbness above the stitches often last for months or permanently due to division of nerves in the line of cut No numbness because there is no division of nerves
Pain in the stitches Pain for 10-30 days and sometimes even permanently due to entrapment of nerve in the area of cut Practically no post operative pain
Tightness in the donor area Common for few months Nil
Blood loss in surgery More Minimal
Operation time Less More
Donor hair availability 3000 and sometimes 3500 in one sitting Usually not more than 6000 in two or three sittings 5000 in one sitting Could be even more than 10,000 with body hair transplant
For grey hairs Difficult to visualize and can have more transactions Procedure and transaction rate remains unchanged with grey hairs
For limited or poor donor area You cannot select good number of 3 and 4 hair grafts Maximum number of 3 and 4 hair grafts can be selected to increase the number of transplanted hairs
For patients with tight scalp Larger sessions and multiple sittings become difficult Ideal method
For patients with tight scalp Larger sessions and multiple sittings become difficult Ideal method
Shock loss More chances due to more invasive nature of procedureesp in the donor area Rare, due to minimally invasive nature of the procedure
For those with more risk of scarring like Asians More chances of stretched out scar and hypertrophic scar Minimum such chances
Control on graft harvesting It is possible that the strip may have less or more hairs than pre calculated You can calculate and control the exact number of grafts extraction as you wish
Special advantages   • With FUE, you can select single hair or multiple hair follicle when needed
• In patients with tight scalp or multiple strip scar only FUE is effective
• FUE can correct scarring caused by strip technique
Time for transplant 3000 grafts in 5 hours 3000 grafts in 10 hours
Surgeons time Surgeon spends 20% of time Technicians spend 80% of time on the procedure Surgeon spends 80% of time Technicians spend 20% of the time on the procedure

Lateral Slit Implantation & Dense Packing
The technique of lateral slit implantation lets you get the density upto 50-60 grafts per which helps you get a natural look.

Hairline Reconstruction
The patient gets sufficient time to discuss the hairline with the doctors which results in a natural look.

Minimum out of body time of grafts
we take out the grafts and place them back in the body very quickly (within 2-3 hours). Therefore, the results are very good at our institute.

Enriching medium for weak donor hair
We take special care of weak donor hair with the help of enriching medium.
‘No Pain’ anaesthesia with very thin needles makes the procedure virtually pain free.

Minimal recovery time
The special anaesthesia technique and the post op precautions lets you join the duty the very next day.

Why Us?
We usually perform only one procedure per day, thus guaranteeing personal attention and complete privacy.

  • Dr. Kamal K. Jhamnani has personally performed many FUE procedures.
  • Nearly half our patients come to us after undergoing procedures at other clinics.
  • More than half our patients visit us from abroad.
  • All procedures are performed by doctors and not assistants.

Categories of FUE

FUE- Primary goal of this advanced technology with most precise feather touch handling by us is to ensure the most natural growth. We Aim to give you the most natural hairline; Hair texture as well as no damage to the donor area. Few of the various advantages of this technique are

  1. Most robust Grafts-We select as far as possible the most robust of the grafts; so you receive more results with the same no. of grafts. This is ensured by using extra magnification during graft harvesting

  2. Entirely Painless-We use vibration and ice cooling to ensure that you don’t feel even the first few pricks. The way we ensure local anesthesia to Donor area as well as recipient area is that you’ll be in position to say that the journey was pleasant.

  3. No damage to the Donor area- we ensure that we follow special ratios to maintain the apparent density of donor area. We also used specialized punches which are changed very frequently to ensure precision and rapid healing so that within days it goes back to absolutely normal.

  4. No pre- made slits- We use special disposable implanters. Your grafts are never touched from stem cell areas at any point in handling during the entire hair transplant.

  5. Special holding solutions- we use special physiological solutions and not normal saline to hold outside the body during transplant. Thus there is no dehydration and they tend to grow much faster afterwards.

  6. 100% guarantee- we give 100% guarantee that the entire process is done by doctors. Assistants don’t touch your scalp during implantation.

  7. First extracted, First Implanted- We store and arrange your grafts in such a way that the grafts are not randomly left out of body for long.

FUE- Rapid Implant

This is the result of us striving constantly to offer best possible results. Rapid Implant is basically where all the advantages of the regular FUE get passed on to you apart from the fact that grafts once extracted are put back in the recipient area soon after.  This Technique involves frequent changes in the position of Doctor as well as the person who is undergoing Hair transplant.  Advantages of FUE Rapid Implant are

  1. All the advantages of FUE

  2. No compromise on natural results- We don't hesitate to change position frequently even if means overall more surgery time. The end result is that there is no compromise on the direction, angle of exit or final achieved apparent density when full results are visible.

  3. No need to store the grafts outside body for long- The outside body time in this technique is very less.

  4. More relaxation for patient- This is ensured by frequent position change so no stress on back or neck and no claustrophobia.

FUE Renourish
This technique is most useful in situations where we are dealing with thinning hairs in areas other than where transplant needs to be done. This not only optimizes growth rate for transplanted hairs; it also helps stop the hair fall and boost the thickness and growth of thinning hairs.

In this method it is not just care during the transplant but before and after it as well. Renourish works on the principle of PLATLET RICH PLASMA (PRP). In PRP advantage is taken out of the fact that our own blood has lot of healing and growth stimulating properties.

For PRP we employ most precise of separation process which has been refined at every step. This includes special centrifuge, soft spin and hard spin, standardized protocols, degranulation additives to get the most out of each PRP procedure.

Extra Advantages of FUE renourish

  1. Extended care- In renourish, we nourish the scalp and grafts before, during and after the hair transplant procedure. We follow following scheduling

    a. PRP before Hair Transplant- This is done 7-30 days prior to your transplant and covers the recipient area as well as the area of thinning hairs.

    b. PRP during Hair Transplant- This PRP is used to hold your grafts while they are not yet implanted

    c. PRP after Hair transplant- This is done at one month intervals after the hair transplant to boost up the growth of newly planted hairs as well as other thinning hairs. If need be it is also done for the donor area first time only.

  2. More dense hairs- not just in the transplant area but all over.

  3. Relief from excessive hair fall- This is almost always seen as first effect of PRP therapy.

  4. Faster hair growth- the hairs in thinning area which were growing so slowly start growing faster thus resulting in more frequent visits to the saloon for hairs for which you hardly needed haircuts earlier.
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