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Mystique Hair Extensions:

Award Winning 100% Natural Human Hair for the hair of your dreams....

Now you can instantly add the volume and length you've always wanted with Mystique Premium Quality Custom Human Hair Extensions.

Mystique Hair Extensions are 100% human hair extensions so your extensions will make you feel more self-confident, sexy and secure than ever before!

Now you can increase hair volume and have long, thick, healthy, beautiful hair flowing down over your shoulders in gentle waves because Mystique is available in a wide variety of lengths and colors.

Instantly Longer... Instantly  Increased Hair Volume.

100% human hair extensions aren't just for Hollywood celebrities.  Models, actresses, and many other women just love hair extensions, because they can make your hair instantly longer or thicker, and provide increased hair volume where you want it.

Continue all of the activities you currently enjoy such as swimming, fitness, jogging, and much more. You can also choose between wearing your hair up or down.

With Mystique by Transitions International, you don't need to limit your lifestyle in any way. You can swim, shower and exercise just as you always do.

Beautiful, Natural Results

  • Long or short hair
  • Straight or curly hair
  • Streaked or colored hair
  • Hair removal is easy and stress free!
  • No damage or risk
  • Comfortable, undetectable attachment

Unlike traditional or clip in extensions, which were often sewn into or bonded to your natural hair, Mystique uses a fusion method to attach the extension to your hair, making them much more "hair friendly," particularly for women with fine or thin hair.

Mystique Means Less Stress On Your Hair And On You

The Mystique process is simpler and easier to perform than other hair extension procedures available today.

Unlike clip on extensions, it causes no damage to your existing hair. And it can be removed quickly and easily.

Unlike traditional or clip in extensions, which were often sewn into your natural hair, Mystique uses a fusion method to attach the extension to your hair at a molecular level making many of today’s hair additions are much more "hair friendly."

Your local Transitions member hair replacement studio can apply Mystique hair extensions in just a few hours in the length and color of your choice.

So it's easy to get on with the joy of life with beautiful 100% human hair.

What Makes Mystique Different Is How It Is Applied


Mystique isn't tied on or sewn in. It does not use glue or wax.

Instead, Mystique is applied with a modern-day keratin-based polymer to undetectably meld the extensions to your existing hair.

In addition to taking less time and being less traumatic to your existing hair, the nature of the Mystique process gives it greater flexibility and versatility with less worry.

What Makes Mystique So Fabulous Is What Does For You

What could a little extra length or a little more volume or highlights or lowlights do for your look? What could they do for your appearance?

Whether it's for a special occasion or to look special on every occasion, you owe it to yourself to see how great you will look with Mystique 100% natural hair extensions.  And if you grow weary of your new look, don't worry. It's easy to reverse the procedure because the process is simplicity itself.

Beautiful, Long Flowing Natural Hair Awaits

Now you can have the finest 100% natural long, flowing styles you've always wanted.  And Mystique is available in a wide variety of colors and lengths.  Maybe you've always been a little disappointed in the past.  Or perhaps you love your current style but are just looking for a change. Whatever you're seeking, your expectations will be met and exceeded by the exciting possibilities offered by Mystique from Transitions International.

And it's as easy to achieve as telling us that you want to get started. With Mystique, there's simply no reason to wait another day to look the way you always knew you could.

The Mystique process is available exclusively from Transitions member salons and studios.

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